Open Innovation Day

21.06.2023. FUSTIC association organized its first public event: Open Innovation Day. The conference was visited by the representatives from academia, private and public sector.

Webinar on Sustainable economy support fund

25.08.2023. FUSTIC Association hosted and Canton of VAUD SPEI presented a webinar on Sustainable collaborative projects..

Webinar on Sustainable economy support fund

On August 25th, 2023 FUSTIC hosted an informative webinar on Sustainable economy support fund. During the session, Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation (SPEI), Vaud, shared information about the financial assistance available for collaborative projects with a focus on sustainability: sustainable construction and circular economy.

Please find the webinar recording and complete presentation below.


The support funds will be available in 2 categories:


Sep 30, 2023: Submission of pre-projects,
Nov 30 2023: Submission of support requests.

  • For CIRCULAR ECONOMY projects:

Feb 29, 2024: Submission of pre-projects,
Apr 30, 2024: Submission of support requests.

To learn more about the support fund please follow the link: Projets collaboratifs durables | État de Vaud (vd.ch) (in FR)

Please find more information about other support opportunities from Canton of Vaud SPEI here: Accélérez vers la durabilité – VIVA (viva-vaud.ch) (in FR)