Teaching and other responsibilities at EPFL

Undergraduate teaching

I was responsible for the following courses :

  • Dynamic Analysis of Structures (1st year Masters) While I am in Singapore, Dr. P. Lestuzzi taught this course.
  • Fundamentals of Computer Aided Engineering (2nd year Bachelor)
  • Structural Analysis (2nd year Bachelor) Dr. P. Lestuzzi and Dr. S. Vurpillot are teaching these courses.

Graduate teaching

A doctoral-level course called “Topics in Computer Aided Engineering”. From 2014, this course is called “Information Sceince in Engineering”.

A doctoral-level course called “Communication for Research Engineers”

Professional training

I have given short courses and seminars to practicing engineers on computing in engineering since 1988.

Other responsibilities at EPFL

ENAC Faculty Council (2014 -2020)

ENAC Gender Equality Working Group (2015 -2020)

ENAC Computing Committee (2015 -2020)

Member of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Doctoral School (EDOC) Program Committee (2009 – 2018)

Chair of the ENAC Faculty Promotion Committee (2010 – 2011) (Member since 2009)

EPFL Coordinator for the CMU – EPFL Student Exchange Program. (1997- 2013)

EPFL Research Commission (Member 2001 – 2010 ); Executive Member (Bureau) (2003- 2005)

EPFL Coordinator for International Relations with North America (1998-2004)

Chair of the Structural Engineering Institute (2002-2006)

Member of the EPFL Teacher’s Commission (2002- 2006)

Member of the ENAC Faculty’s Informatics Commission (2002- 2006)

Member of the ENAC Faculty’s Media Commission (2003- 2006)

Member of the EPFL Informatics Commission (2000-02)

Executive member (Bureau) of the Steering Committee for IT2001 (2000-02)

Chair of the Informatics Commission for the Department of Civil Engineering(2000-01)