Research interests

The following is a partial list of primary topics:

  • Active and intelligent structures
  • Computer support for the evaluation and maintenance of infrastructure
  • Measurement system design
  • Occupancy detection and characterisation through sparse sensing in buildings
  • Computer-aided engineering

Research themes

Projects have been funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Singapore ETH Centre for Global Environmental Sustainability. Activities fall under the following themes:

  • Infrastructure monitoring and diagnosis
    Keywords : data mining, advanced user interfaces, structural identification, multi-model reasoning, probalistic model falsification, model-class search, improving simulations through measurement
  • Active and intelligent structures
    Keywords : tensegrity structures, biomimetic structures, measuring systems, structural evaluation, probabilistic search, computational control, machine learning, damage tolerance, deployability


Recently completed projects

  • Improving simulations of wind around buildings
  • Leak detection in water supply networks
  • Probalistic model fasification for asset management
  • A deployable tensegrity structure
  • Model-free anomaly detection
  • Structural identification
  • Measurement system design (several studies in various contexts)
  • Hybrid data-driven and model-based detection and tracking of occupants in buildings