Strategic vision of the ENAC faculty


With combined expertise in architecture, civil engineering and environmental engineering, ENAC has a unique capability to address the three major societal challenges of climate change, digitalization and urbanization.

Our vision

ENAC is the leading faculty addressing sustainability challenges in the built and natural environment.

ENAC researchers are committed to respond to three critical issues:

Climate change

  • global warming
  • protection of eco systems
  • increasing demand for energy and transportation


  • improvement and management of the built environment
  • management of natural and anthropogenic risks etc.


  • population growth
  • formation of mega-cities
  • pressure on land use

In terms of education, ENAC covers Bachelor, Master and PhD programs as well as postgraduate courses in architecture, civil engineering, and environmental sciences and engineering. The different curricula stand out for their interdisciplinary approach, but also for qualified professionals in their own right. They provide students with current scientific knowledge and methods enabling them to be key agents of change in the built and natural environments.

Mission statement

ENAC supports the development of knowledge creation and solutions for a sustainable living environment aiming at a successful integration of human activities into the biosphere.

Our strategic goals

1. Disciplinary excellence, inter- and trans-disciplinarity
ENAC strives for disciplinary excellence whilst being committed to an inter-, and transdisciplinary research and learning culture on climate change, digitalization, and urbanization.
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2. Diversity and community feeling
ENAC welcomes all scientific contributors, administrative personnel, partners, and students to its research and learning endeavors seeking a balance in terms of gender, nationality, age, and knowledge.
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3. Data-driven approaches and open science
ENAC promotes its data science skills and sharing of knowledge, in order to contribute to open science in research, education, and innovation.
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4. Strong partnerships and innovation
ENAC wants to build a strong network with private and public partners to foster innovation and support start-ups.
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5. Integrated communications
ENAC provides relevant scientific information for the benefit of internal and external audiences and increases its own visibility, nationally and internationally.
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