Strategic vision of the ENAC faculty



With combined expertise in architecture, civil engineering and environmental engineering, ENAC has a unique capability to address the three major societal challenges of climate change, digitalization and urbanization.

Our vision

ENAC makes an impactful contribution to the transition towards the sustainable stewardship of our natural and built environments..

We are actively engaged in developing targeted responses to each of these challenges by addressing critical issues such as global warming, rapidly growing populations, the formation of large metropolises, the pressure on ecosystems being caused by soil overuse, rising demand for energy and transportation, the need for building renovation and maintenance, the urgency of environmental protection, and the complexities of managing an array of natural and anthropogenic risks. These are all complicated issues that require long-term, cross-disciplinary research bringing together international teams of scientists and engineers, in a spirit of creative invention.

In terms of education, we offer Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in architecture, civil engineering and environmental engineering, as well as post-graduate courses and PhD programs. What sets our curricula apart is the interconnection among our three disciplines, allowing students to learn a wider range of tools and methods and providing the basis for a holistic approach.

Our mission

ENAC develops responses that ensure a sustainable future by incorporating human activities into the biosphere in a respectful, harmonious way.

Our strategic goals

1. Disciplinary excellence, Inter- and trans-disciplinarity
While continuing to strive for disciplinary excellence, we engage for an interdisciplinary research and teaching culture on climate change, digitalization, and urbanization.
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2. Diversity and community feeling
We welcome all scientific contributors to our faculty and include all students in our educational endeavour and provide services with our administrative and technical personnel.
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3. Data driven approaches and open science
We look for data science skills, implement digital tools, and share our data and models.
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4. Strong partnerships and innovation
We want to work with partners in and outside ENAC to foster together our innovation capabilities and to develop start ups.
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5. Integrated communication
We aim to reach our stakeholders on a regular basis by providing relevant scientific information for their benefit.
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Faculty annual report

The annual report gives an overview of the numerous activities of the Faculty.