Grandson Summer Workshop- EN


This summer workshop is centered on  the implementation of prefabricated panels made of straw bales and earth plaster, for use in a temporary pavilion designed to welcome visitors to the Château de Grandson During the castle’s renovation. This pavilion, which will incorporate reused materials such as roofing sheets, old wood from the castle, and second-hand windows, will then be dismantled and reassembled in Lausanne to become a socio-cultural activity space.


First Week: August 26-30, Halle in the Vicinity of Lausanne or Halle Popup in Fribourg (location to be confirmed)

  • Filling prefabricated panels with straw bales: learning techniques for cutting bales.
  • Earth base coats: transitioning from raw material to earth mortar production, application, and smoothing.
  • Option: Application of earth finish coats.

Second Week: September 2-6, EPFL

  • Theoretical Courses: Exploration of straw and earth construction themes, covering the transition from raw materials to construction materials and their application in architecture.
  • Case Studies: Analysis of several buildings constructed in French-speaking Switzerland and beyond.
  • Visit to the future reconstruction site of the pavilion in Lausanne after its time in Grandson.
  • Group Work: Development of a project for the future of the temporary building, including its reconstruction in Lausanne with a different context and use. Groups will address the building’s conversion and the logistical aspects related to transport, storage, reconstruction, and potential transformation at the new site.


Project Team:

Alia Bengana, architecte, ALICE

Elsa Cauderay, architecte EPFL/DSA-architecture de terre à l’ENSA Grenoble

Julien Hosta, architecte DPLG/DSA-architecture de terre à l’ENSA Grenoble

administration: Structural Xploration Lab ENAC


Contact & registration

For questions, write to [email protected]

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