To deepen a particular educational aspect or to develop interfaces with other EPFL sections, the student must complete either an educational unit offered as a specialization within the Section of Environmental Sciences and Engineering or a minor offered by EPFL.

The specializations are composed of a core course (5 ECTS) and some “SIE Optional courses” (min. 25 ECTS) chosen by the student from a list mentioned in the study plan.

The choice of courses from a specific minor is made with the coordinator of the Section hosting the minor. The SIE Section is informed of this choice and signs the application form for the minor.

The student announces the choice of a specialization or a minor to his/her section at the latest at the end of the first semester of the Master’s studies.

A minor or a specialization are completed once a minimum of 30 credits are obtained from the approved branches.

In case a minor is dropped over the course of studies, the Environmental Sciences and Engineering Section determines the number of credits that may be validated for transfer to the optional group.