New Signage in the Environmental Sciences and Engineering section

The SIE Section plans to promote its Master program with its 4 specializations. Various promotional actions are envisaged and they require variable media supports. It will be useful to have a graphic line with signage to represent the 4 specializations. It will be included in the various promotional materials (videos, presentations, flyers, website, etc.)

The idea for the project comes from the fact that the 4 specializations are essential areas of the teaching of the Master in Environmental Science and Engineering (SlE) and that they have no distinctive sign. It would therefore be practical to create signage which would allow them to be easily identified and which would be applied by the section secretariat and by the communications team of the ENAC faculty on the specialization materials.

This signage provides a visual identity for the 4 areas of water, climate, environmental measurements and data, as well as biological and chemical processes.