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Proposing internships to EPFL Master Students in Environmental Sciences and Engineering means:

  • Discovering new profiles and tracking your potential collaborators
  • Receiving an extra support to some important project
  • Integrating new ideas and views
  • Becoming a strategic partner of EPFL to keep the best possible training for students
  • Establishing contact with future engineers and marking their culture with your experience

An engineering internship of a minimum of 8 weeks to 6 months max., outside the academic field, is part of the integral curriculum of the Master student in Environmental Sciences and Engineering. Depending on the specialization chosen by the student, it will have the training more focused in chemistry and environmental bioprocess; geomatics; engineering of water, soil and ecosystems, territorial development.

The internship targets for the immersion of the student in the professional world, his awareness of teamwork, his familiarity with business processes and requirements of the profession of environmental engineer. Students will then test their skills and apply their theoretical knowledge.

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Your openings, once validated, will be transmitted free of charge to the appropriate students.

Your contact for the Internships of the Master Program in Environmental Sciences and Engineering is Mr Pierre-Yves Gilliéron (see contact information below).