Master SIE

The SIE Master program trains versatile environmental engineers with their own area of specialization. The EPFL environmental engineer is an essential partner in sustainable development, participating in the development of technological processes and equipment and providing data and analysis to help decision-makers in his or her choices that allow economic activity to continue in line with the society’s challenges.

Note: education is provided mainly in English, with some specific courses in French. For non-French speakers, the Master’s program can be followed entirely in English.

Structure of the SIE Master program

Core courses (15 ECTS)

This is the fundamental basis for acquiring excellent knowledge in environmental engineering in the key areas found among the specializations.

Projects (26 ECTS)

This project unit prepares students to work in groups and individually on environmental problems and issues with external partners and in the research world. It also includes the humanities and social sciences section.

Optional courses (49 ECTS)

This group consists of all the elective courses that are associated with the different specializations. This offers a free choice of theoretical and practical contents, which encompass the disciplines of this Master program.

Specialized education

Students may choose a specialization or a minor (30 credits), which allows them to deepen a particular aspect of the SIE field or to complete their training in another field. It is possible to combine two specializations or one specialization and one minor.

Master project (30 ECTS)

It is an individual project that closes the program with a research that can take place at EPFL, in another academic unit or in partnership with a company in Switzerland or abroad.

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