Design Project

The “Design Project” (10 ECTS) is a mandatory course to be carried out in the spring semester (M2). The organization of this project is led by the SIE Section which suggests a series of topics proposed by external partners or in collaboration with research laboratories affiliated to SIE. Registration for this course is mandatory and is to be done on IS-Academia.

At the end of the year, the SIE Section organizes a presentation of the Design Projects. Then the students take note of the proposed topics, make their choice and form groups in pairs.

Before the semester starts: please get in touch with your EPFL supervisor and with the company in order to schedule the first meeting.

  • Friday 24th February 2023: 1st meeting between the 3 parties (students, industrial partner and SIE Professor)
  • Friday 3rd March 2023: submission of the signed contract and budget estimation to the Section (scanned version)
  • Friday 10th March 2023: submission of the goals, expectations and calendar to the SIE Professor and external partner
  • Friday 28th April 2023: submission of intermediate report to the SIE Professor and external partner
  • Wednesday 24th May 2023: deadline for sending the PDF version of report to the SIE Professor and external partner for comments before finalization
    • This report’s version serves as a basis for the oral presentation
  • until Thursday 1st June 2023, at 4 pm: printing of A0 poster at SG 0215 office (ENAC-IT – Benoit Hostettler)
  • Friday 2nd June 2023: poster session of the Design Projects, rooms GR A3 30, GR A3 31, GR A3 32, GR B3 30
  • Friday 9th June 2023: submission of the final report version (PDF) to the SIE Professor and industrial partner
  • Between 5th and 16th June 2023: oral presentation of the Design Projects
  • Monday 17th July 2023: submission of the grades to the SAC (by SIE Professors)

Topics of the Design Projects 2023

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