Students may complete their third year of study at the ETH, in different European universities (Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden …) as well as various non-European countries (USA, Canada, India, Singapore, Australia).

The conditions are:

  • having completed the propaedeutic year at EPFL
  • having a minimum average of 4.5 (ETHZ, Europe) and 5.0 (excluding Europe) of the examination of the foundation year
  • having completed all credits of branches from 2nd year of Bachelor in one academic year.

On the Academic Service (SAC) website, you can find the list of locations for which exchanges are offered, the reports describing the experiences of previous students, the exchange procedure, as well as the application form to be completed, signed and submitted to the SAE.

For SIE:

– On this Study plan, mark the “similar” courses that you will take during your exchange and add the courses that do not correspond to any SIE courses. Note the code, the number of contact hours and the number of credits for each course. The total number of credits must match the requirement of the host country.

– Complete the on-line form in IS-Academia (portail étudiant), under “Candidature échange”, “postuler pour un échange”.

– Establish the learning agreement (list of courses) for your 1st choice of university (in the form), print it, obtain the approval and the signature of the SIE Academic Exchanges Advisor of your section.

For additional information, please contact Pierre-Yves Gilliéron, Deputy Head of SIE and SIE Academic Exchanges Advisor.

Master cycle:

Students can achieve their Master cycle in collaboration with a University abroad. The SIE program offers the following opportunities:

Master Thesis:

The Master Thesis can be done in an institution outside EPFL in Switzerland or abroad. The conditions are:

  • getting all the credits for the Master program
  • have a commitment from an EPFL professor affiliated with the Section of Environmental Science and Engineering to supervise the work and the agreement of SIE section.

Link to the EPFL students exchange office