In order to deepen a particular aspect of their training and to develop interfaces with other sections of EPFL, students can choose to follow a course offered as part of a minor.

List of Minors

  • Interdisciplinary Minors recommended by the SIE Program :
  1. Minor in Engineering for Sustainability, managed by SIE and STI
  2. Territories in tranformation and Climate, managed by the School of Architecture
  3. Energy, managed by the Mechanical Engineering Program (STI School)
  4. Biotechnology, managed by the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Program (CGC)
  5. Integrated Design, Architecture and Sustainability (IDEAS), managed by the School of Architecture
  6. Computational Science and Engineering 

The SIE Minor course’s list must include 2 courses from Block 2 “Core Courses” of the SIE Master’s study plan, out of the 30 required credits. The remaining courses have to be selected in the SIE Optional courses group. Block 1 (projects group) is not accessible for this Minor.

The course list for each Minor can be found on the SAC website under Study Plans and and Regulations“.

  • The interdisciplinary or disciplinary Minor is optional and may replace the mandatory specialization in the SIE Master’s plan.
  • The Choice of courses must be approved by the SIE Section and the Minor supervisor.
  • The Minor is passed when at least 30 ECTS are obtained among the courses specified in the study plan of the Minor.
  • The student must acquire the 30 ECTS of the Minor before the beginning of the Master Thesis.
  • In principle, the Master Thesis IS NOT carried out in the field of the Minor.
  • Each student wishing to complete a minor fills out a registration form with a list of courses they have selected

  • During the first week of the first semester, these students contact the minor leader to discuss their choice of courses

  • Then, these students contact the section assistant to discuss this choice and the organization of their year.

The registration form must be signed by the person in charge of the Minor concerned and submitted to the SIE section’s secretary before 15th October of each year.