Territories in Transformation and Climate

Because of their combined impact on health, the environment and the economy, climate change represents a major challenge for regional development, particularly in urban areas. In this context, green infrastructure is now recognised for its ability to enhance the environmental performance of cities and help them adapt to climate change. In built-up areas, urban development in general and the process of densification in particular are leading to growing competition between different land uses. In this context, the development of interconnected and efficient networks of green infrastructure is proving difficult in the absence of an overall design or strategic planning strategy. It is therefore crucial to identify and understand the spatial dynamics involved.

The courses in this minor help to translate the dynamics of adaptation to climate change into terms of public policy and urban planning or environmental projects. They also enable students to approach the design, planning and management of built complexes, infrastructures and services in a way that takes account of the changes brought about by global warming.

An Interdisciplinary Minor

The “Territories in Transformation and Climate” minor is offered to Masters students in the three sections of the ENAC Faculty (Environmental Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture).

For engineers, it is an alternative to the section’s specialisations. Successful completion of the minor implies the acquisition of 30 credits from the range of courses on offer. This minor is the responsibility of the Architecture Section (SAR). It is taught by professors from the three ENAC sections.

Students in the three master’s programmes thus have the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of territorial sciences (geography, ecology, climate, regional economics, spatial planning, urban planning). The minor does not offer a specific title, but a mention in the Diploma supplement.



Administration of the minor

Laure Palluel Kochnitzky
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Academic direction

Dr Stéphane Joost, MER
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