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Upcoming visit days for high school students

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Program for Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 November 2022

These worikshop days present in a pictorial and illustrated way some important aspects of the profession of architect, and the foundations of the training given in our school.

The professional opportunities are also discussed, and with the help of students, we answer all your questions concerning these different points.

Program for Thursday 24 and Friday 25 November 2022

As an introduction to the world of architecture, we have chosen a formula that is very close to the teaching method applied throughout the studies: learning by doing.

A very concrete exercise will therefore be the subject of the course.

The aim of this exercise is to give you a first impression of the fundamental issues that concern the architect, i.e. spatial notions, through observation and representation.

In the afternoon, the work will be discussed.

This experience will allow students to face a collective approach, in which the results will contain the originality of each student.

The Thursday and Friday workshops are organized by the MANSLAB unit (contact: Romain Dubuis).

For these workshops, please bring the following equipment:
Fixpencil or pencil, white eraser, ruler and square, pocketknife.

Detailed program


Welcome (Foyer SG level 2, SG 294.22).
Group organization (approx. 10 groups of 10 students)


Lecture by Alexandre Blanc


Explanation of the exercise


Beginning of the exercise


Lunch break


Sharing (city prototype)


Feedback on the students’ work, criticism and comments


Synthesis and conclusion

— End of the workshop at 16.00 —