Internship agreement

The internship agreement is only compulsory for France and the canton of Geneva. It is recommended for other Swiss cantons and the rest of the world. The French and English versions of the internship agreement are available further down in this page.

The internship agreement must be completed in three copies signed by all parties BEFORE being sent to the internship coordinator and BEFORE the beginning of the internship. It can be sent by email as a single copy in PDF format.

Before signing the internship agreement, the student must fill the details of the company and those of the student on the first page, as well as the following articles:

  • 2, internship content, indicating a summary of the work activities agreed with the firm;
  • 3, dates and place of the internship;
  • 4, contact details of the internship supervisor;
  • 5 remuneration;

Download here the French version of the internship agreement

Download here the internship agreement English version

In case of extension of the internship in the same firm, use the Endorsement to the Internship Agreement (bilingual version FR / EN).