Distribution lists

By distribution list, we mean an address such that if a message is sent to this address, the message is transmitted to a whole set of other addresses (the members of the list).

  • Students lists moderation

EPFL Architecture is in charge of moderating the emails sent to the etudiants.ar mailing list.

In order to respond to complaints from class delegates and to ensure an efficient use of the generic lists, the direction has taken restrictive measures regarding the diffusion of messages through these lists. Please take note of the following rules:

  • those indispensable to students’ daily life or of an academic and/or institutional nature and any associated reminders.
  • promotion of events, conferences etc.
  • announcements for courses (they must be published in the course booklets)
  • personal messages (lost and found, apartment rentals, event announcements, etc.)

↓ contact

Gesualdo Casciana for the student list [email protected]

Armand Goy for the student list [email protected]