Organize an event

Whether it is a conference, an exhibition, a seminar or a festive event, you will find here practical information as well as useful contacts to organize your events within EPFL Architecture.

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Located in the SG building on level 1 (SG 294.22), the Project Room  is available to laboratories and students for the organization of events. It must be left empty and cleaned up at the end of each event.

Check the availability in the calendar

Booking the Project Room is mandatory. Book by email specifying the title, date, start and end of the event.

The southern part is equipped with two beamers. On the south wall, a box contains the remote controls for the beamers and the white screen, and the HDMI cable. If you do not have the key, you can go to the Archizoom office (SG 1221) and ask for it against a deposit of CHF 20. It is your personal responsibility to close this box with all the material at the end of your event.

If you need an HDMI adapter, a pointer, an extension cable or microphones for the speakers, Archizoom (SG 1221) will be happy to lend you this equipment for a deposit of 20 CHF.

If you need additional chairs and tables for your event, you can find them in the storage located at SG 191.9. The concierge Alan Defrance can give you access to this storage.

It is your personal responsibility to install the chairs and to bring them back to the storage after your event.

To make a video and audio recording, the SAVE audiovisual service of the EPFL is at your disposal for the loan of equipment.

Archizoom team remains available for any request in the office SG 1221.

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