Photo studio

Newly installed and equipped, the multimedia studio is located in BP 3122. It is at the disposal of the ENAC community. It is suitable for taking pictures of people and objects (e.g. models) or videos. The lighting is done by means of Elinchrom BRX 500 flashes or LED panels (rather for videos). Several background colors are available including a green background for chroma key. This studio is also equipped with a computer with editing software (photos and videos).

The studio users must bring their own equipment (camera or video). ENAC-IT can, if necessary, lend (to only use onsite) a camera and a digital video camera.

  • 1 Flashmeter, Sekonik Lifemaster Pro478DR
  • 2 Flashes Elichrom BRX 500 + Softbox 65×65
  • 1 Flash Elichrom BRX 250
  • 1 Reflector spot
  • 1 Trigger Flash ELSkyport Transmiter Plus
  • 2 Pannels Led Photottix Kali 150
  • 2 Pannels Led Aputure Ligth Storm LS
  • 1 Stabilizing arm Feiyutec A2000
  • 1 Background support + 3 types of background paper
  • 1 Reflective background Chromatte
  • 1 LigthBox 150 x 150 cm
  • 1 Tripod