In Enterprise (PDME)

The objective of the PDME is to carry out an academic project outside the academic environment, within a host company.
The PDME is an end-of-studies project of 30 ECTS credits carried out at the end of the master’s cycle and over a full semester (17 weeks). The objectives of this master project are described in a course sheet that can be consulted in public access on IS-Academia.
The PDME remains first and foremost a master project and must contain an academic dimension defined and controlled by a professor, a MER, or exceptionally, by an internal lecturer accredited by the Section. It must meet the criteria of excellence required for our Master Projects.

A formal PDME agreement must be established and validated at the beginning of the pre-study by the Section.

NB: At least fifteen days before the PDME deadline, the student must submit in writing (by e-mail) the complete manuscript of his master’s project to the company, with a copy to his EPFL supervisor. (Art.5 a.  of our internal directive)

Pour obtenir les différents documents à compléter, merci de contacter lTo obtain the various documents to be completed, please contact the Secretariat of the Civil Engineering Section.