In Exchange

These students must obtain the approval of a professor well before the opening of the project portal.

Depending on the field, they will contact one of our professors (or MER) in order to obtain their approval for supervision and the title of their project.

Registration to the master project:

  • Upon receipt of the EPFL professor’s agreement, follow the registration procedure that will be provided by the contact person (the professor or his secretary)
  • After receiving the acceptance letter and the EPFL access, register on IS-Academia
  • Print the registration form (example) and have it signed by your EPFL professor
  • Return the signed registration form to the GSC secretariat

► IN students are not required to complete the engineering internship to start their master project.

Steps to be taken during the pre-study, preferably before the end of June (Fall) or end of December (Spring):

  • Find an EPFL Civil Engineering supervisor
  • As soon as you receive the EPFL professor’s agreement, register your PdM in IS-Academia
  • Have your EPFL supervisor sign the PDF from your ISA registration (example) and send it to [email protected]
  • Consult the page “Going on exchange“.
  • Useful information
  • Become a member of “International SOS” for medical assistance during your Master Project abroad. This is mandatory when you do your Master Project abroad.

Take into account the time difference for the submission of the report (Swiss time)

The deadlines for submission are set by the academic calendar.

If your project is completed earlier, you can of course submit it earlier.


  • Electronic version in .pdf format by email to be uploaded on the ENACshare platform of EPFL
  • Then send the link by email to [email protected]; to the supervising professor and to the expert.
  • (Please note that all three emails must be included in the same email in order to formalize the submission).
  • Only if required: bound paper version, to the supervising professor and the expert.