Useful information


We recommend to inquire whether a visa is needed to enter the country of destination. An application procedure can take several months and also depends on students’ nationality. It is therefore suggested to start the procedure early enough.

Before starting a visa application, ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after the date of your return to Switzerland

The J-Visa is required for students doing their Master’s thesis. The document DS-2019 is provided by the host institution.
Refer to the procedure on the website of the Embassy in Bern.

The Master’s thesis in Canada is considered as an employment, even if it is unpaid or of short period. A work permit is therefore required.
Refer to the procedure on the website of the Embassy in Paris.

Health insurance

Contact your insurance company to ensure that you will have healthcare coverage abroad. It is also recommended to acquire a repatriation clause in the contract.

In certain cases it is also possible, or even mandatory, to contract an insurance in the host country. The host institution should be able to provide the necessary information in this regard.


Request your International SOS membership card for your travel abroad.