Civil Engineering students have two occasions, and no other, to do an exchange program during their bachelor and master studies:

  • the third year of bachelor (semestres BA5 and BA6)
  • the master project during the master (MA4)

A double degree with Ecole Centrale Paris (ECP) is also a possibility.

Exchange during master project

The master project can be done in an institution in Switzerland outside of EPFL or abroad. The conditions are:

  • obtaining all credits during master
  • having a professor from EPFL, affiliated to the section of civil engineering, supervising the project
More information on that webpage

Double degree with ECP

A joint double degree agreement with Ecole Centrale de Paris (ECP) allows students to obtain a degree from both universities. This agreement is based on the following conditions:

– obtaining an average of at least 5.0 during the preparatory cycle (BA1, BA2)

– obtaining all credits from the second year of bachelor (BA3, BA4)

– after the first year of bachelor, obtaining 120 credits over two years in ECP, half of which (60 credits ECTS) must be from the section of civil engineering or from courses directly related to this field

– going back to EPFL for the two years of Master

A total of 180 credits for the bachelor degree, of which 120 must be validated by EPFL, needs to be earn in order to obtain the double degree. This implies a minimum duration of four years for the bachelor degree and another two years for the master degree.