FAQ for companies

All students of EPFL registred in the courses leading to the Master degree need to do an internship in a company.

For example, it is necessary to include the construction companies, engineering firms, public services or all other companies working in the field of Civil Engineering or in fields associated to it.

The companies are invited to open an account in the internship portal in order to be able to offer internships to our students at any time.

EPFL recommends a monthly salary between 2’000 and 2’500 CHF, but does impose any minimal value. The given salary should be at least sufficient to cover the expenses of the student (transportation costs, living costs, food… ).

Internships in companies are defined by the internship contract issued by EPFL. Among other, the goals of the contract are to set the specificities of the internship, insurances, reports and other document, confidentialities or intellectual property. Experience showed, companies are satisfied with the form of the contract. Anyway, EPFL is open to contract offers from the companies, if the current internship contract does not satisfy the needs of the company.

Students coming from countries outside of the euro zone need to have a work authorization for the duration of the internship. It is the company’s responsibility to demand the local authorities for a work authorization for the student. EPFL has informed all cantonal authorities about its internship program. Hence, the procedure to obtain the work authorization should be without complications. EPFL can vouch for the student by providing the enrolment certificate and proving the internship is included in the student’s Master curriculum.