Advisory board GC

The advisory committee is composed of representatives of industry and services. Its role is to advise on any matter related to education at EPFL.

Advisory Committee Composition

The advisory board is presently composed of the Director of the GC section, prof. Lyesse Laloui, and of 13 external members:

Baertschi Pascal Group CEO Losinger Marazzi SA
Bremen Roger Director  Lombardi SA Ingegneri Consulenti
Clerc Blaise SRL – Société suisse des entrepreneurs
Dessarzin Jacques Managing Director Marti Construction SA
Droz Patrice Consultant  Stucky SA
Egli Rolf Consultant
Epars Pierre Group CEO BG Ingénieurs Conseils SA
Gendre Jean-Pascal Group CEO CSD ingénieurs SA
Guscetti Gabriele Associate Administrator INGENI SA Genève
Laloui Lyesse EPFL Professor Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Menétrey Philippe Director INGPHI SA
Putallaz Yves Director IMDM Infra Consulting Sàrl
Salamé Farida DIC s.a. ingénieurs
Tschamper Hans Direction member Basler – Hofmann AG
Tufo Franco Founder and Director CITEC Ingénieurs conseils SA

Change in Advisory Committee

New member since January 14, 2020:

M. Philippe Menétrey, Director- Project Manager, INGPHI SA

New member since October 18, 2019:

Mr. Jacques Dessarzin, Managing Director,  Marti Construction SA