Yes they can, by demanding the registrar’s office.

Nevertheless, your demand needs to be supported by the person in charge of your thesis and you need to inform the secretariat of the Section of Civil Engineering.

This is usually a Civil Engineering Professor who will propose you to make your thesis abroad. Depending on his contact and on your thesis subject, he will direct you on an exchange university.

Conversely, it is also possible to suggest an exchange university and a contact name to one of your Civil Engineering Professor.

For a smooth organisation, we recommend the students who are interested to prepare their exchange Thesis during the MA2 semester.

Yes, it is possible to have such a collaboration, but the following conditions need to be met:

  • The person in charge of the Master Thesis is a Professor or MER of the Section of Civil Engineering (hence it is not the company itself)
  • The subject of the thesis is determined by the person in charge
  • The specificity of the collaboration are defined together by the person in charge of your Master Thesis and the company
  • During your Master Thesis, your status is not one of the company’s employees

    (which is the opposite of the time during your compulsory internship)

  • A student doing his Master Thesis in a company does not receive any salary from that company

The official dates for master’s projects are listed in the Academic Calendar.

It lasts 17 weeks for the SGC section, 25 weeks for a master’s degree project in mobility.

Steps to be taken in the semester preceding your pre-study:

  • Defining the area of interest
  • Discuss and organize the exchange with the Civil Engineering Professor or MER teacher
  • Contact the Student Services at the Academic Service (if European partner school, possibility of obtaining a scholarship)
  • Notify the secretariat of your section


  • Define the area of interest
  • Discussion and organization with the Professor or MER affiliated to the Civil Engineering (The company is first contacted by the EPFL Professor)

Define confidentiality clauses (Attention, sensitive point! Contact the section secretariat for advice before signing anything)


Only Professors of Civil Engineering or MER are authorized to supervise the PdM of a Civil Engineering student.

In case of collaboration with a professor outside the GC, it is mandatory to inform the section and to obtain the written agreement of the Section Director ( => Form). In any case, your PdM will have to be co-supervised by a Professor of Civil Engineering.


  • Application in the project portal
  • Discussion with the EPFL Professor
  • Registration in IS-Academia


  • Carefully complete the required documents (PDME agreement & appendix) and send to [email protected]

If PDM with non-GC leader:

  • Request the Section’s authorisation by means of the form

If PDM in Mobility

  • Consult our page “PDM em Mobility OUT”.

*The project portal is only used for applications during the pre-study (considered as one block with the Master Project).

**If the pre-study takes place in MA4, the registration is done via the tab “other subject” then insert the code “CIVIL-598”.

Master project

* Correctly fill in the fields related to the location of the PDM and the type of PDM (-E or Mobility)

Deadline: official date confirmed by the SAC, at noon.

Form of submission :
Only by email
(If required by the professor, you can have your file stamped at the secretariat).

Procedure :
Upload your electronic file on the ENACShare platform of EPFL

Email to the EPFL professor in charge, to the expert and to the SGC secretariat (one email only please)

Indicate the ENACShare download link in the submission email

Poster for Infoscience EPFL:
The section asks you to create a summary poster of your Master project using the attached template (header fields must be updated).

In order to offer a better visibility of your master work, we will publish it on Infoscience EPFL and our GC website.

Deadline: a few days after your oral defense, by email to the section secretariat (if necessary, use the ENAShare platform for distribution)

Model to download