The GC projects

The project portal contains the summaries of all Civil Engineering practical projects offered to students of Civil Engineering during their Bachelor (GC project) or their Master degree (block 2).

The project portal is open to any student of the section of Civil Engineering. Its access is secured and can be accessed through the IS-ACADEMIA portal.

Students logging into the portal will, according to their “gps” (level of study), only see the projects that will take place in the coming semester. Each student may go through the projects, register and obtain informations about the state of their registration.

We also want to remind the students, that they always have the option to propose a personal project to the concerned teachers.

Project registration calendar for 2022-2023


*N.B.: When a student is accepted to a project in the Project Gateway, he/she still has to register it in his/her study plan on IS-Academia.