LEMR provides undergraduate teaching on rock mechanics, tunnel engineering, engineering geology, underground construction, and other geomechanics and geoengineering related fields, to civil engineering students at EPFL. The courses taught at LEMR for undergraduate and Master of Science students are:

Bachelor courses

The goal of the course is to explain the fundamental concepts; the course will provide students a thorough understanding of rock behaviour. During the semester students will learn the physical properties of rocks, in-situ stresses and stress measurements, and others related subjects. An important part of the course is devoted to tunnelling engineering including design of underground excavation and rock support systems, as well as classification methods.

Master courses

The objective is to gain a thorough understanding of space and underground work, including planning, management, construction techniques, risk assessment, and environmental considerations.

The course provides general introductions to the most important methods of geophysical exploration and survey. The methods represent a primary tool for investigation of subsurface and are applicable to wide range of problems (prospecting for natural resources, geological surveying, and engineering investigations). The course covers the physical principles, methodology and interpretational procedure and application of the geophysical methods.