Enhanced Geothermal Reservoirs

Project: Hydro Mechanical Couplings in Enhanced Geothermal Reservoir

Picture from Gibert B., Violay M,  Mainprice D., Pezard P., 2010. Géothermie: un potentiel à creuser ! Dossiers Pour la Science N°69 octobre – décembre 2010

The objective of this project is to provide better understanding of the various couplings between hydraulic and mechanical interactions in enhanced geothermal systems. In particular, this project provides a detailed study of how the friction properties control the transport properties of reactivated fractures for low porosity rocks. Previous experiments were conducted far from in-situ reservoir conditions, mostly at room temperature and low confining pressure. Here, we will experimentally study the evolution of both the fluid transport properties and seismic properties during deformation (seismic and aseismic) at pressure up to 200 MPa and temperature up to 400°C. These data will provide new constraints on the permeability evolution during the creation of geothermal reservoirs. Importantly, our results will shed new light on the physics of induced earthquake mechanisms by combining deformation experiments with the registration of the micro seismicity at high temperature and confining pressure, simulating geological conditions in the reservoirs.

Supervisor Doctoral Students
Prof. Marie Violay Mateo Acosta
Chiara Cornelio