Lab. testing & Consulting Services

LEMR offers innovative and practical solutions to industry through its complete service profiles: laboratory testing, computation and interpretation, review and assessment, expert witness, and other type of contract services for rock and tunnel engineering projects.

Services provided by LEMR include laboratory testing, large scale physical modelling of rock fall and sheds, tunnelling and excavation, stress measurement, and computational modelling, including simulation of impact and explosion on underground structures.


Geotechnical laboratory testing & Consulting

Besides the common rock mechanics testing apparatus, the LEMR has a hall for model testing, especially equipped with a large triaxial press, a base friction apparatus to simulate the behaviour of rock masses and a device for modelling rock avalances.
You can consult the list of our tests and monitoring tools and send an e-mail to get a tender or further information.
Finally, consulting and expert valuations may be trusted to the laboratory. Depending on the complexity and the extent of the problem, these studies may also be carried out in collaboration with other experts at the EPFL.