CO2 geological sequestration

Which fluid cocktail for a safe CO2 geological sequestration?

Here, as case study, we investigate this question using a new experimental method for evaluating the risk of 1) CO2 leakage and 2) induced seismicity, provoked by fault reactivation during geological CO2sequestration. Our experiments stimulate CO2 injections into a reservoir-cap rock system bounded by faults at different state of stability. Fluid pressure, flow rate injection, fluid chemistry and fluid physical properties effects on fault stability will be investigated, in order to find the good ‘fluid cocktail’ for CO2 geological sequestration. These data will provide new constraints on the reservoir permeability evolution in case of fault reactivation and will shed new light on the physics of induced earthquakes mechanics, by recording the micro-seismicity while testing the deformation.


Supervisor Doctoral Student
Prof. Marie Violay Corentin Noël


The project is funded by GAZNAT.