ETHOS offers courses that aim to provide knowledge and practical skills for the advancement of sustainability in the built environment.

Master Courses

ENG-445: Energy and Comfort in Buildings

The course presents the fundamentals of energy demand in buildings while emphasizing the need for the comfort of occupants (thermal and air quality). In addition, trade-offs between energy and comfort are discussed.

CIVIL-534: Computational Systems Thinking for Sustainable Engineering

This course integrates systems thinking and network analysis through theory and computing. The objective of this course is to develop expertise in computationally analyzing and modeling complex systems in civil and urban systems engineering, with a particular emphasis on advancing sustainability.

Bachelor courses

HUM-126: Global issues: Sustainability

This course introduces global sustainability issues. It introduces planetary limits, their systemic interconnections and social justice issues. The interdisciplinary approach introduces group work and systems thinking (interdependencies in a complex system).

Engineering a Sustainable Built Environment

This course explicitly addresses the issues of sustainability and energy in the built environment through an engineering lens. We cover the sustainability and energy landscape, how different systems in the built environment can be engineered to be sustainable, and specific tools for enacting sustainability thinking in civil engineering.