ENAC Summer Workshop

The ENAC Summer workshop (4 ECTS) can be carried out just before or during the Master cycle. They allow students to apply and consolidate their theoretical knowledge to plan and realize interdisciplinary projects. They build on the interdisciplinary experiences gathered during the ENAC Week and ENAC Teaching Unit. Students are enabled to integrate knowledge and approaches from different disciplines to propose integrative and innovative solutions.

Students can choose to follow either an ENAC Semester Project or an ENAC Summer Workshop and integrate it into their study plan as follows:

  • Master in Civil Engineering: among the branches of Block 2
  • Master in Environmental Science and Engineering: from the range of options not included in a specialization
  • Master in Architecture: as an optional branch

In the ENAC Summer workshops, the aim is that students do not only perform an interdisciplinary project, but are also are equipped with the tools to design an interdisciplinary project themselves. Student use the interdisciplinary bridges by conducting autonomously an interdisciplinary project. The expected transversal and interdisciplinary learning outcomes of the ENAC Summer workshops are:

Practical intelligence Plan and carry out an interdisciplinary project independently; fix objectives, manage and monitor progress of work; present, discuss and communicate research results to different disciplines.
Creative intelligence Explore research questions in a wider context; develop risky hypotheses; design and defend coherent and innovative solutions.
Analytical intelligence Identify and structure the problem in a systemic way; analyze the complexity of the system; synthetize information; critically evaluate solutions and results; apply interdisciplinary knowledge to new problems or themes.
Reflective intelligence Be aware of the challenges of interdisciplinary work and develop solutions to deal with them; reflect on the relevance of different approaches and integrate tools from multiple disciplines; be aware of the social and human implications of engineers/architects; take responsibility for the environmental impacts of one’s actions and decisions; anticipate and adapt to unforeseen challenges in a project.

The Summers workshops offered are visible in the IS-Academia Project Portal. Students must follow the registration procedures described on the Portal. They must then include the Summer workshop (PENS-491) in their study plan for the fall semester following the Summer workshop. Students receive their grades during the fall semester.

ENAC Summer Workshops 2024