Individual SIE Projects

The individual SIE project is a mandatory research work to be achieved under the supervision of an SIE professor.

The “Individual SIE Project” (10 ECTS) is a compulsory practical effort to be completed in any of the Master semesters but in principle in the Fall semester because of the Design Project having to be carried out in the Spring one. It must deal with a specific topic linked to the SIE domain and it is supervised by faculty affiliated with the SIE Section. It is an individual project that must allow the student to approach a research question from an academic perspective.

There is no automatic registration on IS-Academia. Each student must register their projects on IS-Academia.

Once enrolled in a project, it is not possible to unsubscribe.

Please have a look at all projects proposed by the IIE labs on this page.

The projects must be submitted to the teachers/supervisors no later than Friday 7th June 2024.

The teacher/supervisor must enter the grade on IS-Academia no later than Monday 15th July 2024.