Digital ENAC : Putting coding into context

new in 2024

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The ability to code seems to be the prerequisite of many jobs in the modern world. It can also be very intimidating! How many times did we feel like computer scientists speak a completely foreign language, we do not have access to a translator for? It can also feel very compartmentalized and removed, especially in disciplines like ours where, by nature, technology can’t advance at the same pace as in many others. But does it have to be this way? With “Digital ENAC: putting coding into context” you will learn that the answer is no! We will see that coding is not only for those who can see The Matrix, and that it can be applied to many aspects of architecture, civil and environmental engineering. More in detail, the course will address:

  1. Critical thinking and ethics around AI.
  2. API applications to automatize the creation or modification of models. Finite element, but also BIM.
  3. Parametric design such as Grasshopper/Rhino.
  4. Methods and tips to integrate coding into a project without being an expert coder (how chat GPT can be your ally).

The best part? You don’t already need to be an expert in coding at all (but if you are you are still welcome). Whatever your level may be, from absolute beginner to proficient coder, we will help you enhance those skills and learn the useful “tips and tricks” to put coding into the context of architectural and engineering design.