Core courses

“Core courses” form a group of classes considered to be fundamental for the basic understanding of sustainability in the built environment (“Fundamental classes”), as well as a selection of project-oriented courses which allow the application of a theoretical concept to a concrete case study (“Project-oriented classes”).

  • The “Fundamental classes” explore three complementary perspectives: energy issues (GC Section), occupant comfort (AR Section) and environmental footprint (SIE Section).
  • The “Project-oriented classes” include ENAC semester projects and/or SGC optional transdisciplinary projects, as well as three SAR Master Teaching units. In general, they combine analysis and design work, which represents a particularly relevant exercise within the Minor.

In order to meet the general requirements of the Minor, 14 ECTS must be obtained among the 9 courses offered for this first group.

Fundamental classes

Project-oriented classes

* Provided that the topic is relevant, to be validated with the IDEAS Minor steering committee.
Credits obtained for ENAC projects with themes related to IDEAS programme can be validated as credits obtained in an “outside” section, as long as the project covers topics that clearly go beyond those taught within the student’s section and the director of the ENAC project, or one of the co-directors in case of a co-direction, is affiliated to another section and discipline as that of the student.

** Course during 4 weeks in the summer.