Interdisciplinary teaching

At ENAC, several scientific communities come together under one roof: environmental engineers, civil engineers, architects, and social scientists. Combining disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary breadth, our teaching and research activities contribute to the common goal of finding solutions for a sustainable future by engaging together about the quality of our environment.

ENAC has a long tradition of interdisciplinarity, such as realized in the teaching program Design Together, the axis IDEAS and the different interdisciplinary minors. Furthermore, the School supports initiatives fostering interdisciplinary student projects, such as the Student Kreativity and Innovation Lab (SKIL), and the Swiss Living Challenge.

The interdisciplinary teaching program Design Together enables the next generation of engineers and architects to integrate disciplinary knowledge to tackle complex challenges in a changing world.

Le SKIL soutient les projets, les groupes ou les étudiant-e-s qui souhaitent développer leurs propres idées et recherchent un espace d’apprentissage pratique. L’environnement d’atelier de ses locaux et leur équipement technique permettent la réalisation de tels projets.

The ENAC Faculty hosts several interdisciplinary minors.

IDEAS aims to integrate sustainable architecture questions from a holistic, interdisciplinary and evaluative perspective within the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC).