ENAC week

The ENAC Week is offered in the fourth semester of the Bachelor cycle. It constitutes a mandatory course for all ENAC students during their Bachelor’s studies.

During the ENAC week, students gain a first experience in interdisciplinary project work based on current real-world issues. They get an opportunity to engage in complex challenges with multiple facets and contribute to solve problems according to their specific knowledge. The ENAC week focuses on practical hands-on experiences and stimulates students’ curiosity for learning and collaborating beyond their own disciplinary horizons. During a full week, they work on one of the topics as part of a mixed team made up of students from all three sections at ENAC.

A course providing an introduction to law issues (“La maîtrise du sol en droit suisse“) precedes the ENAC Weeks and brings together ENAC students from all sections.

See here the calendar of the ENAC weeks for the students.

See here the calendar of the ENAC weeks for the teachers (includes administrative deadlines).

In the ENAC Week the focus is set on experiencing interdisciplinarity through solving a real world problem requiring the contributions of more than one discipline. A large emphasis is put on creativity and practical collaborative work. Students construct interdisciplinary bridges by collaborating and exchanging on a common practical project. The expected transversal and interdisciplinary learning outcomes of the ENAC weeks are:

Practical intelligence Share and explain disciplinary knowledge relevant for a specific topic; communicate and collaborate within a multidisciplinary team to find consensus for decision making; deal with limited time resources.
Creative intelligenceDesign suitable approaches; discuss options for problem-solving; describe and illustrate innovative solutions.
Analytical intelligence Analyze the problem to break it down into smaller parts; understand how the different parts are connected to each other; identify which disciplinary knowledge contributes to which part of a problem.
Reflective intelligence Recognize and appreciate disciplinary diversity within the group; explore and acknowledge other disciplines and their contributions; change perspectives.

Students can earn 4 credits for their participation in the ENAC Week. These credits must be acquired during the Bachelor’s cycle to meet the requirements for the “Design Together” course block.

The final grade from the ENAC Week is weighted as follows:

  • 75% for the ENAC Week: based in general on an evaluation of a project report (including interdisciplinary aspects of the projects), a poster, an oral presentation, or a model, depending on the type of project.
  • 25% for the law course. This course is evaluated in a multiple-choice exam that is held during the last period of the course.


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