Theory Courses

“Theory courses” offer a larger, but targeted, selection of theoretical classes according to three predefined themes, in relation with a variety of sections (including non-ENAC).

  • “Energy classes” are a selection of fundamental to advanced classes (but not too specialized) that focus on energy (in particular – but not only – renewable) and on associated infrastructures (offered in engineering and basic sciences).
  • “Environment classes” are a selection of classes focusing on ecological impact and environmental strategies (offered mainly in the SIE section).
  • “Systems classes” are a selection of classes focusing on infrastructures, including at urban scale (social sciences, architecture and engineering courses).
  • Students also have the possiblity to validate one course outside EPFL (max. 5 ECTS), upon request and in agreement with the IDEAS Minor Committee.

In order to meet the general requirements of the Minor, 14 ECTS must be obtained among the 14 courses offered for this second group.

Energy classes

Environment classes

Systems classes

Courses outside EPFL
Indicative list, max. 1 class / 5 ECTS