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At ENAC, we aim to innovate at different levels, keeping sustainability at the center of our mission. Taking digital technology as our starting point, we produce technological and social innovations that contribute to sustainability in the natural and built environments, focusing on three areas:

Innovative research: Our students and researchers are stimulated to think beyond disciplinary boundaries and to conduct cutting-edge research that generates original and groundbreaking ideas that have potential practical applications for society.

Technology and knowledge transfer: We encourage our students and researchers to be entrepreneurial, to launch startups and to bring their research to the market in the form of relevant services and products. Our focus is on creating solutions and projects that support the Swiss economy, foster best practices and address sustainability challenges in today’s society.

Partnerships: We are convinced that working closely with external stakeholders (NGOs, regulators, the public and private sectors, and more) promotes co-creation and knowledge production and contributes to holistic approaches for sustainable development. We have created an association, Future Sustainable Territories, Infrastructures and Cities (FUSTIC), that promotes best practices and a culture of innovation across diverse sectors of the Swiss economy. Together with ENAC’s clusters and centers, FUSTIC provides a creative space for researchers, students and external partners to develop a culture of sustainable innovation and transformation. FUSTIC and its community are doers and solvers – they will bring to fruition sustainable solutions to climate change, global warming and the challenges of preserving vital resources.

ENAC Innovation Seed Grants

The ENAC School has decided to dedicate seed funds to a specific program to ease the long path from fundamental research to innovation, technology transfer and market uptake and to encourage entrepreneurship for promising ENAC ideas & people in the form of ENAC Innovation Seed Grants.
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