Firmware development for integrating redundant IMUs in aerodynamically constrained sensor fusion framework

Project Description

The use of redundant MEMS grade IMUs (R-IMU) presents an economically and ergonomically viable solution to improve navigation performance in a classical sensor-fusion. However, such a system has never been tested in an aerodynamically constrained sensor fusion framework. Thanks to recent in-house development of R-IMU board (dahu4Nav), there is a hope to come up with a first ever sensor fusion architecture that has inertial redundancy in addition to already incorporated aerodynamics. However, there are numerous challenges on hardware, firmware and software fronts that need to be resolved.


Students must have both hardware and software experience to be eligible for this Master Thesis

Tentative Workplan

  1. Understanding existing work
  2. Development of two-way communication framework (HW/SW) between dahu4Nav and on-board navigation computer
  3. Firmware development for compensating deterministic IMU errors
  4. Software development for direct noise estimation based on inertial redundancy
  5. Software contribution for sensor fusion


  1. Scalable Software with a good documentation
  2. Necessary hardware modifications and developments
  3. Necessary firmware development
  4. A brief report highlighting the developments and key results


  1. Fixed wing plane (TOPO PLANE2)
  2. Dahu4Nav
  3. Navigation computer


Motivated students are advised to send an e-mail to Amann SHARMA, [email protected] , to express their interest alongside their CV and transcript.