Our team of software, data engineers and data scientists collaborate with researchers to help them make the best use of their data and build effective and reproducible data pipelines.

We serve as a Data Help Desk, providing or connecting to resources for data management, data science and scientific valorization in addition to ENAC-IT’s Support. Plus, we offer Advanced services tailored to labs’ needs, to support throughout data lifecycle, e.g., from building data acquisition pipelines to deploying custom data visualization interfaces (Advanced services are eligible through SNSF funding; our costs follow the U1 tarification system)


Advanced Services

Data scientists, data engineers and developpers to support ENAC researchers to make the best use of their research data.

Data stewardship
  • Data acquisition pipelines
  • Data pre-processing and curation
  • Access to new data streams 
Coding support
  • Code optimization & refactoring
  • Code migration and adaptation (e.g., for HPC/GPU)
  • Research scripts packaging
  • Database management, advanced storage
  • Server management, containers deployment
  • Advising on infrastructure choices and data governance structures
Data visualization
  • Custom data visualisation development
  • Interactive web tools dev. and deployment
Software development
  • Full-stack web development of tailored applications
  • Research scripts packaging
Data analysis & science
  • Collaborative data projects shaping and set-up, students co-supervision
  • Consulting and support on data analysis/science: tools and methods

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