Open Research Scripts & Software

InstitutLabLab’s code repositoryOpen Scripts and Software
IICSolar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory (LESO-PB)GitlabGeronimo – Software for the visualisation of the impact of Complex Fenestration Systems (CFS) in office buildings for different sky types 

CitySim decision support tool for urban energy planners to minimize the net use of non-renewable energy sources

LESOSAI Building Certification and Energy Analysis Software

DIAL+ Daylighting Design Tool

RADIANCE Synthetic imaging system, unix freeware for lighting design and rendering

More from LESO-PB
IICGeo-energy Laboratory (GEL)GithubPyfrac – solver for 3D fluid-driven fractures propagation. Read more
IIEGeodetic Engineering Laboratory (TOPO)WebsiteSoftware accessible through commercial licenses, developed at TOPO:

i-QUAL – software package for real-time (RT) acquisition, processing and quality evaluation of data gathered by an airborne mapping system
CAMEO – determines the parameters of camera Exterior Orientation (EO) (i.e. position and attitude) from given GPS/INS trajectory and calibration data
LIEO  – generates 3D point coordinates from laser scanner measurements, GPS/INS trajectory and calibration data
PCViewer 1.0 – PCViewer 1.0 is an OpenG/C++ based highly efficient software which performs mapping tasks without any triangulation
IIEEnvironmental Remote Sensing Laboratory (LTE)Gitlabpycosmo – Python library for reading/manipulating/plotting GRIB or NetCDF files from the COSMO NWP model

cosmo_pol – Python library to simulate polarimetric radar observables from outputs of the COSMO NWP model
IIEDistributed Intelligent Systems and Algorithms Laboratory (DISAL)GithubSwarmViz – A visualization and analysis tool for Particle Swarm Optimization

ns34webots – Bidirectional coupling of vehicle and networks simulators: A ns-3 plugin for webots
IALaboratory of Numeric Cultures for Architectural Projects (CNPA)GithubSpeckle-TopSolid: connector for CAD-CAM software TopSolid. Allows direct and open interoperability

BIMxBEM– IFC schema to feed local standards compliant data for energy simulation

bimetat-app – POC for the State of Geneva. Automating construction permits using IFC

IFCjs-Stereotomie – BIM viewer and gallery for Stereotomy course projects, based on IFC.js
IAMedia and Design Laboratory (LDM)Github
IIELaboratory of Cryospheric Sciences (CRYOS)Github
IICEnvironmental Hydraulics Laboratory (LHE)AVAC 3.0 – computational code for snow avalanches
IICTransport and Mobility Laboratory (TRANSP-OR)Biogeme – Python package for discrete choice models in transportation. Read more
IICVisual Intelligence for Transportation (VITA)GithubOpenPifPaf – Composite Fields for Semantic Keypoint Detection and Spatio-Temporal Association in PyTorch. Read more

Trajnet++ – large scale interaction-centric trajectory-based benchmark. Read more
IICLaboratory of Integrated Performance in Design (LIPID)Website
IICEarthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics Laboratory (EESD)Github
IIELaboratory of Geographic Information Systems (LASIG)SamBada project – package with the whole processing chain to use SamBada, from pre- to post-processing
IIEEnvironmental Computational Science and Earth Observation Laboratory (ECEO)GitlabRSQVA – Visual Question Answering for Remote Sensing system. Read more
IIEExtreme Environments Research Laboratory (EERL)Pollution Detection Algorithm (PDA) – algorithm to identify and flag periods of primary polluted data in remote atmospheric time series in five steps
IICComputational Solid Mechanics Laboratory (LSMS)GitlabBlack Dynamite – Python help for management of numerical parametric study

cRacklet (Gitlab, c4Science) – C++ boundary element library based on a spectral formulation of the elastodynamic wave equations in continuum solids

Tamaas – library for elastic-plastic contact of periodic rough surfaces

Akantu – Finite-element modeling with HPC. Read more

Libmultiscale – parallel framework for the multiscale coupling methods dedicated to material simulations
IICChair of Timber Construction (IBOIS)GithubRaccoon – tool for CNC fabrication for drilling, milling, cutting, slicing, engraving and saw-blade fabrication

Cockroach – point cloud and mesh processing library

OpenNest – 2D nesting library

NGON – Polygonal Mesh Processing and Timber Joinery

MANIS – collaborative design tool for timber plate structures with wood-wood
IAStructural Xploration Lab (SXL) GithubPhoenix3D – New open source Rhino3D + Grasshopper tool to design optimum truss structures made of new and reused components. Read more
IICResilient Steel Structures Laboratory (RESSLAB)GithubEaRL – Open source MATLAB-based platform/software for earthquake risk, loss and lifecycle analysis

UVC-MatMod – Repository for an updated Voce-Chaboche (UVC) material model to model structural steel materials

Embedded Column Base Model Abaqus UEL – user-defined element (UEL) that is used to model the cyclic behavior of an embedded column base (ECB)

II-DAP – finite element package with interactive interfaces that enables large-scale parametric
nonlinear dynamic analyses with an emphasis on quantifying the earthquake-induced collapse risk of structures

WIKC – Warping-Inclusive Kinematic Coupling

XCB model – Exposed column base model for OpenSees simulation
IIEUrban and regional planning community (CEAT)GithubSenseCity Africa – Crowdsensing urban data in Africa
IIEPhysics of Aquatic Systems Laboratory (APHYS)Meteolakes – Online platform for monitoring and forecasting the bio-physical state
of Swiss lakes. It is used daily by a wide community of users with different profiles, including fishermen, municipal
drinking water utility companies, emergency services, beach managers and leisure users
IICLaboratoire de construction en béton (IBETON)Jconc – open-source finite element program to calculate elastic-plastic stress fields for
structural concrete members. It is used by a number of specialized design offices in Switzerland and Norway