ENAC General Assembly 2021

Dear Colleagues and students,

Thank you for your participation in our ENAC General Assembly which took place on December 14th 2021.

You can find below the programme.

Do not hesitate to send us your ideas and suggestions using this link: https://go.epfl.ch/ENAC_SuggestionBox

Best regards.

Claudia R. Binder (Dean),

Katrin Beyer (Associate Dean for Digitalization and Open Science),

Vincent Kaufmann (Associate Dean for Education and Knowledge Transfer).


ENAC Faculty

  • Welcome 
  • ENAC School update
    by Claudia R. Binder (Dean) 
  • Questions and answers

Elevator pitches session


  • Master project SAR, by Maxence Grangeot
    Comment réemployer des éléments de démolition et de déconstruction industrielle en les modifiant le moins possible. 

  • Master project SGC, by Mathilde Métral
    Vers une meilleure prédiction des glissements de terrains argileux. 

  • Master project SSIE, by Leona Repnik
    Modéliser en 3D la rivière du Flon en vue du futur métro. 

Interdisciplinarity in Research

  • Marc-Edouard Schultheiss (LASUR/IA)
    Activity-scheduling and rhythmic style: a multi-day modeling of mobility habits.
    (LASUR – TRANSP-OR; ENAC Cluster Grant 2020)
  • MER Jan Skaloud (TOPO/IIE)
    Upscaling modelisation of climate-induced stone pine colonization into the alpine zone via airborne remote sensing and deep learning.
    (TOPO – ECEO & UNIL/DEE; CLIMACT Starting Grant 2021)
  • Prof. Dolaana Khovalyg (TEBEL/IIC)
    Non-Invasive AI-powered Thermal Comfort Monitoring.
    (TEBEL – VITA; ENAC Cluster Grant 2021)
  • Prof. Julia Schmale (EERL/IIE)
    A More Effective 3D-Imaging System for Earth System Science and Navigation “3DEarthNavigation”.
    (EERL – VITA; EPFL Center for Imaging Grant 2021)


  • Prof. Rizlan Bernier-Latmani (Diversity Office Chair)
    Presentation of ENAC Diversity Office (DO@ENAC). 
  • Camille Dross (DO@ENAC)
    Best practices for diversity in hirings.
    (Recruitment and Retention working group) 
  • Eleni Stavropoulou (DO@ENAC)
    Workshops for class representatives to raise awareness.
    (Onboarding and Culture working group)
  • Arthur Adams (DO@ENAC)
    Website to enhance inclusive communication.
    (Communication and Information working group) 
  • Gianna Ledermann (DO@ENAC)
    Movie series related to diversity and inclusion.
    (Communication and Information working group)

Data & Open Science

  • Prof. Katrin Beyer (Associate Dean for Digitalization and Open Science)
    ENAC Open Science Strategy. 
  • Mouzakidou Kyriaki (TOPO/IIE)
    Open Science Summer school. 
  • Charlie Weil (ENAC-IT4R)
    ENAC-IT4R projects. 

Innovation & Partnership

  • Yujie Wu (LESO-PB/IIC)
    (ENAC Start-up)
  • Amir Rezaie (SwissInspect, spin-off EESD)
    (ENAC Start-up)
  • MER Satoshi Takahama (LAPI/IIE)
    A new area for air monitoring and sensing.
    (Innosuisse Grant)
  • Malena Bastien (SXL/IA)
    (ENAC Innovation Seed Grant 2021) 


  • Questions and answers 
  • Conclusion and Outlook
    by Claudia R. Binder (Dean)