Start-up companies founded by current or former ENAC students and researchers

Arkaïya develops next-gen archaea probiotics for healthier and longer lives.

Founded in 2023 – GR-LUD/IIE

Resilio provides environmental impact assessment software, training and consulting services to help companies become digitally sustainable.

Founded in 2022 – Students SSIE

AeroSpec patented technology offers the means to measure the exact chemical composition and source signatures (in particulate matter pollution, results in 4.2 million premature deaths annually), providing comprehensive and actionable information to allow data-driven policy making.

Founded in 2023 – LAPI/IIE

Sunaxer develops high performance solar absorber coatings for industrial heat harvesting

Founded in 2023 – LESO-PB/IIC

nu glass has developed technology to improve wireless connectivity indoors. Its system makes glass permeable to mobile phone frequencies, eliminating the need for routers and repeaters.

Founded in 2022 – LESO-PB / IIC

Bameo offers tailor-made support for developing products made from bamboo. Drawing on its expertise with this material, Bameo provides design assistance, technical support and production support.

Founded in 2022 – Students SGC

MobiLysis supplies a turnkey solution for monitoring transportation patterns on a large scale in order to pinpoint the sources of traffic congestion and suggest more effective and more sustainable traffic management methods.

Founded in 2022 – LUTS / IIC

ShadeMe is a Swiss start-up to deliver smart blinds and smart shading controllers to commerical buildings.

Founded in 2021 – LESO-PB / IIC

Algaltek is a young EPFL spin-off specializing in algae production, algae bioproducts, consulting, and research and development related to algae production.

Founded in 2021 – GR-LUD / IIE

Enerdrape is a spin-off specialized in modular, prefabricated and easy-to-install panel technology that allows to turn any kind of new and existing underground infrastructure into renewable sources for the heating and cooling needs of buildings.

Founded in 2021 – LMS / IIC

SwissInspect provides artificial intelligence-based solutions that will use images as input to detect various types of structural defects and create numerical physics-based models that allow predicting the updated infrastructure response and scenario-based planning of maintenance interventions.

Founded in 2021 – EESD / IIC

REMRETEch is commercializing the proprietary rare earth (RE) metals recycling technology from e-wastes. Rare earths are essential components of our industrial, social and personal sphere today right from cellphones up to the satellites… They would be the deciding factor of our green energy, climate change and e-mobility strategy realization.

Founded in 2021 – GR-LUD / IIE

Aeternum is a tech start-up with an innovative approach to make real estate more sustainable by delivering buildings that fully integrate the circular economy principles by beeing adaptable and reusable over multiple life-cycles. 

Founded in 2021 – SXL / IA

Sunwell aims to offer a software solution for the planning, design and maintenance of photovoltaic installations and the provision of related services.

Founded in 2020 – CRYOS / IIE

Uzufly generates 2D and 3D digital models with its drones.
These models will be used by building owners and the various technical trades.
This innovation allows for optimal planning of a construction project.

Founded in 2020 – TOPO / IIE

AirVeraCity offers mobile air quality sensors that sense every corner of a city in real-time. It operates sensor nodes on top of city buses that continously collect data as the buses drive through the city.

Founded in 2019 – DISAL / IIE

Vizcab a pour mission d’aider les acteurs de la construction à piloter les émissions de carbone de leurs projets en sécurisant l’atteinte des seuils RE 2020 dès l’esquisse avec Explo, et en tirant le meilleur de vos ACV réglementaires avec Eval.

Founded in 2019 – Building2050 / IA

We give you unprecedented visibility into your Solar PV plant’s performance

Founded in 2019 – LESO-PB / IIC

We believe that cities should facilitate sustainable lifestyles

Founded in 2018 – Solar Decathlon / ENAC

GEOEG is an international consulting firm bringing together a collective of engineers, scientists, inventors, designers, and urban planners to shape a sustainable and resilient future for urban areas.

Founded in 2018 – LMS / IIC

We specialize in daylight integration for occupant well-being.

Founded in 2018 – LIPID / IA

Critical infrastructures face intensifying damages from natural hazards and extreme weather. Bridges, roads, railroads, dikes and coastal assets are particularly threatened. 

Rapid urbanization implies that suitable land for development becomes scarce. To support building projects, ground stabilization comes into play to ensure strong foundations.

Founded in 2018 – LMS / IIC

Picterra is the leading platform for geospatial MLOps

We have turned a complex, inefficient, and expensive workflow that used to involve multiple vendors and technologies into an all-in-one platform for geospatial analytics. Picterra requires no coding skills to take advantage of powerful deep learning models.

Founded in 2016 – ECEO / IIE

Improve the efficiency and sustainability of crop production with compelling digital agronomy solutions for large farming businesses, enabled by remote sensing and artificial intelligence.

Founded in 2015 – TOPO / IIE


Entreprise spécialisée dans les véhicules autonomes.

Founded in 2014, stopped in 2021 – Students/TRANSP-OR / ENAC

kaemco is a spin-off company of the Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory (LESO-PB) of EPFL. Founded in 2013, kaemco provides scientific simulation tools for a decarbonized and sustainable future

Founded in 2014 – LESO-PB / IIC

GAIASENS Technologies est une société innovante au service de l’environnement. Elle propose des solutions de mesures en temps réel, des prestations d’études et de modélisation environnementale ainsi que la mise en œuvre de solutions opérationnelles pour la gestion des dangers naturels.

Founded in 2010 – EFLUM / IIE

With Kromatix™ coloured solar glass, architects, builders and system integrators are no longer limited by aesthetic considerations when integrating solar technology. As a result, the total surface area available for solar panels on buildings (BIPV) is greatly increased by Kromatix™ resulting in improved overall building energy efficiency and total return on investment.

Founded in 2009 – LESO-PB / IIC