Atmosphere and climate

The atmosphere plays a central role for the environmental conditions on earth.
Yet, our understanding of the system “atmosphere” is incomplete and predictions concerning the development of the climate and its effects/feedbacks on the environment are subject to large uncertainties.

Therefore, one of our defined objectives is to better understand the complex interactions between the atmosphere and other parts of the earth system.
An interdisciplinary and integrated approach is pursued, with laboratory studies, field measurement campaigns, and long-term observations of the atmosphere.
All these aspects are combined with model simulations to enhance knowledge of earth-atmosphere interactions and their impacts on anthropogenic activities.

To achieve these objectives, IIE concentrates its energies on the following research activities:

  • Land/atmosphere interactions: water fluxes, influence of land surface
  • Development of innovative sensing technologies: robots, wireless networks, boundary layer lidar

Laboratories :

APHYS Physics of Aquatic Systems Laboratory – Margaretha Kamprad Chair
APRL Atmospheric Particle Research Laboratory
ECOL Ecological Engineering Laboratory
ECOTOX Swiss Centre for Ecotoxicology EAWAG-EPFL
EML Environmental Microbiology Laboratory
GR-LUD EPFL-PSI Joint Professorship on Solid Waste Treatment
LAPI Laboratory of atmospheric processes and their impacts LAPI
LBE Laboratory for Environmental Biotechnology
LCE Environmental Chemistry Laboratory
LGB Laboratory for Biological Geochemistry
LTE Environmental Remote Sensing Laboratory
LTQE Laboratory for Water Quality and Treatment
UPHCE Prof. Hering Group in Environmental Chemistry
WIRE Wind Engineering and Renewable Energy Laboratory