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Monash Flood Portal

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  Floods are one of the most common natural disasters globally, mainly caused by atmospheric conditions that lead to heavy rainfall, rapid snowmelt, or storm surge. When the surface runoff exceeds the capacity of the drainage network and surface water cannot enter the sewerage system, the drainage network overflows, resulting in overland flow, which marks (…)

CCFatigue Data Platform


Composite materials fatigue database and life prediction – open research platform The CCFatigue platform offers a standardized and interoperable database for sharing, accessing and analyzing material testing datasets. It is composed of(1) A database, with composite material fatigue and fracture test data and(2) A suite of calculation modules allowing users to experiment with their own (…)

Visual Navigation Machine Learning Competition


No GPS, no problem ! Today drones and other aerial autonomous systems for navigation and control depend heavily on the robustness of GNSS reception for their position estimation. The objective of this competition is to ask users around the world to contribute to TOPO’s research by building and training a model that can be used (…)

Hybrid Timber-stone Structures fabrication

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Traditional hybrid stone-timber structures are part of an ancient craftsmanship heritage which is labor-intensive and requires qualified workers. Nevertheless, these dry and glue-free construction systems using locally available materials have all the qualities defined today as sustainable: reuse of mineral waste, low embodied energy, low embodied water content, demountable, cement-free; and moreover earthquake-resistant. Therefore, the (…)

Affective mapping in Geneva

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This project, a collaboration between ALICE (Atelier de la Conception de l’Espace) and LASIG (Laboratory of Geographic Information Systems), will address climate change from the perspective of landscape infrastructure as a nature-based solution capable of linking urban connectivity, active mobility and psychophysical health and wellbeing. Urban landscape has a key infrastructural role, supporting and making possible different practices and behaviors, and can thus be instrumentalized to (…)

Visualizing Urban Water Cycle

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Knowledge of how to articulate the “urban transition” is today urgently needed. Urbanization is on a steadily growing trend that impacts the water cycle as a whole. However, while the effects of urbanised/urbanising areas on water quantity (how much water) have been well studied for flood prevention, other effects –as those related to water quality (which water)– are mostly unknown. (…)

UNHCR Sustainability Web Tools


In the context of ongoing work with UNHCR Geneva Technical Hub, EssentialTech, FAR and BPE aim to develop web application building on various data sources (mostly Excel sheets and web source) and user inputs, to improve sustainability practices, through GHG emmissions estimates, shelter sustainability scores and improved energy planning in refugee camps. The overaching project (…)

Image tagging tool for Architects


Development of an image tagging tool and catalog for architects, including a custom image tagging scheme and composition functionalities

Bacterial data exploration and analysis


Exploratory data (analysis, data harmonization, data visualization plotting trends etc), key statistics.

Interdisicplinary spatial data management & computation pipelines


Set up tailored Research data management pipelines and support with spatial data processing pipelines