UNHCR Sustainability Web Tools

In the context of ongoing work with UNHCR Geneva Technical Hub, EssentialTech, FAR and BPE aim to develop web application building on various data sources (mostly Excel sheets and web source) and user inputs, to improve sustainability practices, through GHG emmissions estimates, shelter sustainability scores and improved energy planning in refugee camps. The overaching project is composed of 3 different tools, each with distinct specifications and functionalities – but developed jointly to foster synergies and integration wherever possible.

The proposed tools will enable UNHCR to address its goal of ‘greening’ its operations and will support UNHCR to respond to Objective 3 of its Strategic Framework for Climate Action: *Objective 3: Improve UNHCR’s environmental sustainability by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing negative impacts on the environment.*

Through UNHCR’s Global Strategy for Sustainable Energy 2019-2024, UNHCR is undertaking ambitious action to avoid or reduce negative environmental impacts. Over 90 percent of refugees living in settlements have no access to electricity or clean sources of energy. Sustainable energy solutions benefit both displaced and host countries’ national and local energy plans in line with SDG 7 on ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

Tech: Couchdb, Vue.js, ECharts.