PhD Students

You will find below a listing of open research assistant positions at EPFL, to which you can apply by contacting the relevant professor or laboratory.

Please note, however, that to become a PhD candidate at EPFL and thus to be eligible for any of these positions, you must first apply to, and be admitted, into one of EPFL’s doctoral programs.

See details on PhD application conditions.


CDM – PhD position in Technology & Operations Management (TOM)

CDM – PhD Positions in Operations, Economics and Strategy




ENAC -PhD in Polar Atmospheric Science

ENAC – PhD Position in Human-Oriented Sustainable Built Environments

ENAC – PhD position in Modelling Urban Systems

ENAC – PhD Position on energy transition in socio-technical systems

ENAC – PhD position to investigate the coevolution of topography and vegetation

ENAC – PhD Position in Soil Biogeochemistry

ENAC – PhD Position in the Laboratory of Experimental Rock Mechanic

ENAC – PhD Position in Occupant-Centered Thermal Comfort

ENAC – PhD Student in Intelligent Thermal Energy Networks

ENAC – PhD Student in Physics – Informed Deep Learning for System Condition Monitoring and Prediction

ENAC – PhD Student in Deep Domain Adaptation for Fleet Knowledge Transfer

ENAC – 2 PhD positions in rock-fluid interactions and permeability development in Earth systems

ENAC – PhD student in physics-informed geometric deep learning for hybrid digital twins of building energy systems


SB – PhD Scolarship in Hybri metal-organic Nanostructure Engineering for Photonics

SB – PhD position to investigate electronic transport in metal-organic nanowires using scanning probe microscopy (W/M)

SB – PhD student position in experimental particle physics (NA62)


STI –PhD position in AI-based Optimization for Ultrasonic Motor

STI – PhD studentship position in Nanophotonics for Biosensing

STI – 2 PhD positions in Interfacial Imaging of Water: New Light on Cellular Hydration

STI – PhD thesis position on SOFC micro-gasturbine hybrid system

STI – PhD position in dynamic modeling of gas foil bearings

STI – PhD position in THz electronic devices

STI – PhD position in Diamond-based electronic devices

STI – PhD position in thermal management of GaN electronic devices

STI – PhD position in GaN electronic devices

STI – PhD position in microfluidic drug discovery and protein interaction mapping

STI – PhD position in Advanced Micro-Manufacturing and Educational Sciences

STI – Two PhD positions in Data-Driven Modelling and Control Group

STI – Two PhDs student positions in Interfacial Imaging of Water: New Light on Cellular Hydration

STI – PhDs & postdocs in Polymer Interface Science and Nanomedicine

STI – PhD Positions in Machine Learning @ LIONS