PhD Students

You will find below a listing of open research assistant positions at EPFL, to which you can apply by contacting the relevant professor or laboratory.

Please note, however, that to become a PhD candidate at EPFL and thus to be eligible for any of those positions, you must first apply to, and be admitted, into one of EPFL’s doctoral programmes.

See details on PhD application conditions.


CDM – PhD Positions in Operations, Economics and Strategy


CDH – Two full-time PhD positions in the Institute of Area and Global Studies at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland


ENAC – PhD position in Earthquake Engineering

ENAC – PhD position in Structural Engineering

ENAC – Two PhD positions in non-visual effects of (day)light

ENAC – Two PhD positions in geomechanics and environmental geotechnics at LMS lab
ENAC – PhD position to investigate the microbial community dynamics during variable hydrological forcing


SB – Phd position in physics and systems neuroscience

SB – PhD student in Biomedical Optics
SB – Two PhD positions in multinuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS)

SB – PhD position in designing solar-driven carbon dioxide reduction systems


STI – Phd position in biomechanical orthopedics

STI – PhDs & postdocs in Polymer Interface Science and Nanomedicine

STI – PhD position in data-based control and learning

STI – PhD in Multi-Modal Aerial Robots

STI – PhD position in Coordination Systems

STI – PhD Positions in Machine Learning @ LIONS

STI – A nonlinear optical view of proton transport and proton coupled transport

STI – Ph.D. position in Intelligent Tutoring and Assessment Systems in Education


SV – PhD student positions at EPFL-Institute for Cancer Research in Lausanne (Switzerland)