Vous trouverez ci-dessous des offres relatives à des projets spécifiques. Vous pouvez postuler en contactant le·la professeur·e ou le laboratoire concerné.

Néanmoins, veuillez noter que pour devenir doctorant·e à l’EPFL et être éligible à l’un de ces postes, vous devez d’abord postuler et être admis·e dans l’un des programmes de doctorat de l’EPFL.

Plus de détails sur les conditions d’admission et d’inscription au doctorat.


CDM – PhD position in Technology & Operations Management (TOM)

CDM – PhD positions in Operations, Economics and Strategy




ENAC – PhD Position in Occupant-Centered Thermal Comfort

ENAC – PhD Student in Intelligent Thermal Energy Networks

ENAC – PhD in real-time bioaerosol monitoring

ENAC – PhD Student in Physics – Informed Deep Learning for System Condition Monitoring and Prediction

ENAC – PhD Student in Deep Domain Adaptation for Fleet Knowledge Transfer

ENAC – 2 PhD positions in rock-fluid interactions and permeability development in Earth systems

ENAC – PhD student in physics-informed geometric deep learning for hybrid digital twins of building energy systems

ENAC – PhD position to investigate microbial nitrogen cycling in an aquifer in Vietnam

ENAC – PhD position to investigate the product(s) of microbial uranium reduction

ENAC – PhD position to investigate nanoscale transformation of uranium by magnetite


SB – PhD student position in experimental particle physics (LHCb)

SB – PhD in tracking detector R&D for particle physics

SB – PhD position – Diamond nanostructures for UV photonics

SB – PhD in Resonant-cavity spectroscopy of rare-earth magnets

SB – PhD in Material Discovery and Characterization

SB – PhD in Neutron spectroscopy of Quantum Magnets


STI – PhD position in gas turbine blade cooling systems

STI – PhD position in THz electronic devices

STI – PhD position in Diamond-based electronic devices

STI – PhD position in thermal management of GaN electronic devices

STI – PhD position in GaN electronic devices

STI – PhD position in microfluidic drug discovery and protein interaction mapping

STI – PhD position in Advanced Micro-Manufacturing and Educational Sciences

STI – Two PhD positions in Data-Driven Modelling and Control Group

STI – Two PhDs student positions in Interfacial Imaging of Water: New Light on Cellular Hydration

STI – PhDs & postdocs in Polymer Interface Science and Nanomedicine

STI – PhD positions in Machine Learning @ LIONS