Environmental Sensing Observatory


Welcome to Environmental Sensing Observatory

The primary focus of our research and education revolves around the acquisition, modeling, and analysis of spatiotemporal data both on and above the Earth’s surface. We achieve this through the design, calibration, and deployment of cutting-edge sensors, systems, and methodologies. Stemming from the scientific disciplines of Geodesy, Photogrammetry, and Navigation, our work spans the entire spectrum of remote sensing, encompassing the upstream sensor integration and modeling, the midstream aspect of calibration and georeferencing, and the downstream realm of information extraction and mapping.

This data finds diverse applications in precise navigation and monitoring, both in natural and urban contexts. Furthermore, we ensure accuracy of our spatio-temporal data with a dependable confidence level, enhancing fidelity of robot-based mapping and supporting the creation of trustworthy digital twins.

Our group is a partner and an important contributor to the Swiss Airborne Research Facility for the Earth System (ARES). The Environmental Sensing Observatory (ESO) is also an integral part of the broader robotics community at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

Sincerely, Jan Skaloud

*ESO is administratively connected to the Laboratory of Cryospheric Sciences (CRYOS)